mysql_upgrade continued

I met this morning with unusual confidence and decided to upgrade MySQL to version 5.0.51b. It went smoothly for once, and it appears after testing that all is well. I also ran the troublesome mysql_upgrade, which ran just like intended. This in turn gives me the ability to modify the privileges in phpmyadmin (and it will add them correctly elsewhere as well, I assume). No more struggling with manually having to add in user privileges from our GUI app.

So I am finding that even after a restart of our MySQL server, we still have a myisam.log at 14 gigs. My search for resources regarding this particular log show very little in the way of help. I suppose this log in particular, as with the other general query logs, are only there for debugging purposes, or perhaps as a time based recovery system, and thus only minorly necessary in our world, but still necessary. The problem then is the large size. Even if we wanted to recover data using this file, it’s 14 gigs. It would take quite some time, and chances are, it’s been there for quite a while, so most of it is already covered by our backups. I believe our solution will have to be to get that log’s data down to something more manageable by doing a weekly backup of it and clearing it out. We could run a weekly batch script to do just that thing. At least then it will be more manageable.