Next Gen Phones

Fancy next generation phones are all the rage lately and there are a plethora of articles exploring the ins and out and features of all the types of phones. Comparisons of all types of phones can be found that look at price, speed, ability, available apps, extra features, service, etc. The big players in this phone game are Apple’s iPhone, Google’s Nexus One, and the HTC Droid. Each phone has its benefits and drawbacks and all seem to end up costing you roughly the same amount in the long run, so it comes down to preference between the pros and cons of each. The iPhone is the clear front runner currently in usage, which is fitting since it was the first on the market. It also boasts the largest amount of apps available by far. It is limited though to only running one app at a time on it, and it uses AT&T as its carrier, which has been heavily criticized for its service. The other phones don’t have the same number of apps, but some do run multiple apps at the same time. They use different operating systems and have different carriers. Having Verizon as the carrier for the Nexus One seems to be a big selling point for that phone as its service is far superior and you aren’t left in “dead zones” so frequently.

DDA is ready for the new influx of technology in phone and devices. We’ve started a new division called AppleSavvy that specializes in converting your websites that use Flash animation and programming into iPhone and iPad friendly formats. We also are ready to build apps to your liking for any of your users to download or purchase. Don’t let the name fool you though. AppleSavvy doesn’t just work for Apple products. If you are converting your website to be used on Apple iPhones and iPads, it will also show up nicely on the Nexus One and Droid. A nice format for the iPhone is a nice format for them all. You can check out our new AppleSavvy website (still in progress) here. Then feel free to give us a call for a quote or to schedule a tour of our building and see what we can do for you.