Normal is..

Normally right now I’d be sitting at a stop light on my way in to work, but today is not a normal day, it’s parent teacher conference day.  So instead, I’m home, writing my blog, enjoying not rushing myself out the door because I’m about to miss that 5-minute window of safe leaving time.  In any case, this not-so-normal morning made me start thinking again about something similar that I posted yesterday.

Going along with the growing up bit, parent teacher conferences are like reviews.  Each party gets to see how their child is doing.  Sometimes it’s filled with wonderful reviews, sometimes not so much.  This provides feedback that otherwise we may not have.  At DDA one thing we definitely don’t  do is code reviews.  It’s difficult to justify the time it would take to do so, considering every programmer on staff would have to sit down with thousands of lines of someone else’s code and pour over its contents.  It would provide a great insight into what everyone else is doing, and we’d each probably learn something, maybe a tip or trick that we hadn’t seen before.  But on the other hand, that would mean four or more people spending a great deal of time not working for clients.  It’s not like we spend just a few minutes a week writing actual code, we spend most of our week doing so, and in that time, thousands of lines of code for usually a handful of projects, is written.  In a perfect world we would be able to find the time to do this, but a perfect world we do not have; we have deadlines and bills to pay.  I do try to check out pieces of code now and then when I’m going through the error logs, and I will send hints over to the programmers where errors are appearing since I’ll take a look at the page when I inform them.  At least this way some code is being reviewed.