not looking forward to the weekend

What’s that? I’m not looking forward to the weekend?!?!? This is insanity. Ok, well, I am looking forward to the weekend, I have a lot to accomplish and I am looking forward to the physical labor. In fact I am going to recruit Luke to paint. While most of the time he would not be interested, it may work. What I’m not looking forward to is sitting on the phone with people. I have to cancel an online game account (which won’t let you cancel in their ‘change subscription’ page, which annoys me to NO END) and I am going to have to deal with *gulp* Microsoft support.

This past winter, my trusty computer that was with me for a long time, well, blew up. After days (weeks even) of trying to replace parts and getting frustrated with the troubleshooting, lack of local parts stores (how I miss CompUSA) and an outrageous restocking fee for shipping back a motherboard/cpu combo that was DOA, I went to the store and bought a new computer. This new computer came preinstalled with Vista. It actually wasn’t too bad. I couldn’t use my old usb drive enclosures, so that was definitely a problem, but otherwise, it seemed to run ok for what it was needed for, a family computer.

That is until service pack 1.

I know what you’re thinking, service pack 1 disabled and destroyed programs and hardware. Well, not exactly. See, I can’t install service pack 1. At all. I get a random error message about 2 minutes into the install. I tried disabling and uninstalling anything that might be causing it to not work, restarted and rebooted and did everything Microsoft said might work. Of course it didn’t. Their help files haven’t ever actually been helpful. So, eventually I will have to bite the bullet and call their ‘tech support’ for help. I’m certainly not looking forward to that, but I can’t deal with having some things not currently working, like annoying popup messages that my security is turned off, when it’s clearly not.

I really hate the things I can’t fix myself.