Office decor

For anyone who has been in my newish office (new since we moved here) they have noticed a lot of white.  My desk is white; my walls are white.  OK, so I have two cabinets that are office tan.  But up until I brought in a really cool piece of art done by 10 year old Luke, my walls were completely white (including my white board). 

This weekend I received a fathers’ day gift (I know, I’m not a father, but I play one on TV) of a Blue Moon beer glass and bottle opener and the coolest set of propaganda posters I’ve ever seen.  The Sci-Fi show (remaking the one I grew up watching) Battlestar Galactica put out ‘propaganda’ posters to fit into the theme of the show.  As an art piece, propaganda posters are fantastic. 

 Back in middle school I took a summer art course where we did basic paper making, drawing, pottery and printing.  Ever since then, I’ve loved the look of things I knew were clearly prints, and made to be that bold poster style (what the style name is, I don’t know, though I’m sure everyone else in this office does).  Just recently I ran across some new propaganda print from WWII that I found incredibly interesting and was thrilled about the idea of getting some prints similar so I could use not only at work, but at home in my 1900′s built house.  Of course Rosie the Riveter and the Motor Corps of America would go great in my house, but I’m not sure that BSG posters would fit the theme of the early 1900′s.  In any case, frames were also ordered for me, so next week I will have a BSG propaganda poster triptych in my office.  As you can see, I’m very excited.

So I diverted from my normal programming/technology related discussions to bring you something different, I’ll return to the usual tomorrow.