Oh yes, it’s Thursday

Usually by Thursday I have zero things to write about, or I was lucky enough to save something from earlier in the week to post. Today however, two things caught my eye in the wondrous world of online navigation.

IE8 public beta release is out.  Coolies.  It looks like a lot of stuff that Firefox and Opera have been doing over the years continues to drive a better (better than its own previous release) browser product from Microsoft. The security and privacy features sound nifty, but I like the idea of automatic crash recovery, especially considering how often I get browser crashes (overworked perhaps?). I will probably load up the beta at home, since I still need to be able to test sites in IE7 here and generally MS doesn’t let you install both at the same time (lame).  My only question will remain: how standards-based is it? Or rather, do I now need to program in another set of random “hacks” to make basic websites work?

The second thing of note is a new Mozilla Labs creation called “ubiquity.” I don’t know how useful this “new thing” will be to me personally, but it’s a different way to extend your Internet browser in the new world of handheld web-enabled devices.  Ever try to copy and paste into the iTouch? It looks to be a big giant mashup creator in whatever app you want.  So the basic examples are all about adding a map to your emails, and using Web 2.0 stuff that I don’t much care about.  In any case, it’s a nifty technology, because it gives us the ability to simplify something that generally would be more difficult.  For example, say we wanted to meet a friend out at a new restaurant. We could send an email to that friend with a map, a review, and set a ‘task’ or ‘appointment’ in our calendar system.  So that’d be useful for those of us who do that sort of thing.  I still think it’s a great idea though, now, how do we use that for something within DDA?