On the Other End of eLearning

Back in my college years I worked at Circuit City as a Customer Service Associate. At the beginning of my tenure, I was required to enroll in a multitude of eLearning courseware. As the company was quite large, there was a dedicated internal training portal that employees could access from any location and at any time with the proper access privileges. When a course was needed, members could simply select the class and enroll. Once finished, the trainee’s grade was posted for administrators to see. At the time I remember thinking what an efficient system it was in terms of training en mass. There weren’t any pamphlets, hand outs, or DVDs that more often than not got lost or worse, thrown away. Instead there was one interactive training system full of multimedia training programs that engaged while informed.

Now that I work at DDA Medical, a full-service medical marketing and advertising agency specializing in healthcare IT solutions, I am on the other end of medical eLearning. Instead of being the end-user student, I am part of the team backing its creation. Our aim? To build powerful yet easy to use technology-based training programs that succeed in making the highly-complex clear. From medical device eLearning programs to procedural simulations, our staff of degreed medical animators, custom programmers, graphic designers, and scientific medical copywriters combine their skill-sets to create medical eLearning training platforms that streamline the learning process for both the students using the platform and the administrators monitoring progress.