One BIG Family

My task list today includes writing portfolio descriptions, among other things. At our marketing and advertising agency, we keep a very thorough portfolio of all our work from eLearning tools to brochures, dating back to 1994. Fortunately or unfortunately, due to the fast pace of our agency, some projects do not get posted in our portfolios right after they are complete, and if they do, they are often missing an accompanying description. Thus, today’s duties.

While writing for one of the projects missing a description and trying to determine a date of completion for our new iPad portfolio’s search mechanism, I came across an email from the client that reads, “I wanted to say what beautiful work you did and I thank you from the bottom of my heart. I took a chance and BOY were you the right place to go. David promised a unique company with caring people – and he was SO right. I thank you for a gift that will keep on giving. Please pass on and thank ALL involved – and Laura – you cared like “family.” I have to say it does my heart right to read that message. We often get positive feedback and accolades for the work we do, and we appreciate each and every client.

In advertising, it’s not just about us – our graphic design, programming, video production, copywriting, and other capabilities – it’s about our clients, their business, and their success. Our family is directly tied to your family through promotional and education materials that have an incredible WOW factor and an even greater impact. Together, we make one BIG family, providing for a global economy and all its relatives.