One foot in front of the other

My day yesterday was spent fighting monsters, the invisible kind.  We have an installation of PHP that runs not only this blog, but a few client sites and our MySql administration, so it’s kind of important.  Yesterday it decided to just stop working sometime after I posted my blog.  I think that my genius must have excited the MySql connector and it just couldn’t handle it.  Or not.  I spent most of the afternoon reading posts by other people who have come across the same dreaded error: “Your PHP installation appears to be missing the MYSQL” something or other as well as spending time talking to any resource we had.  It seems that in the WordPress installation there is a requirement to copy a file into the windows system32 directory.  That same file I found in about 4 other directories, so I’m thinking that it was the issue, one of those files were old or corrupted.  I deleted all of those all over the place, made sure I had all the appropriate directories in the Windows environment path, downloaded a fresh PHP zip install and overwrote all the files, reset all the permissions on the directory and restarted the server.  In the end some combination of those worked.  That’s the funny thing about troubleshooting in the IT world.  Most of us have no idea who did what when, so we haven’t a clue how to get back to where things were good, so it’s a matter of trial and error, usually with some sort of direction, but sometimes not.  It can take minutes or hours, but rushing it isn’t going to help.