OnRequestEnd.cfm ColdFusion Template

We learn that ColdFusion processes the Application.cfm in the server each time a request is made to the web server from event triggered by client such as a link click, a form submitted, or asynchronous request from Ajax application to the web server. The ColdFusion server executes all the code in the Application.cfm template first, so developers use the template to initialize global variables such as the application variables, or the client variables, or the request variable scope. However, ColdFusion also has templates that it executes the end of the requested templates, this template is called OnRequestEnd.cfm. ColdFusion developers often use this template to display web page footers, such as links and other things that are global throughout the web application. Learning about this process helps me to understand the ColdFusion application template mapping framework with this knowledge a developer has the potential to develop better web applications with ColdFusion.