Ooh, shiny

So it took all day of reloading the Google Chrome home page, but finally, some time in the afternoon, something actually appeared aside from a 404 page.  So I downloaded Chrome, installed it, and shared the link with Mick to so the same.  Chrome at first glance is the cleanest browser I’ve ever seen.  There’s a tab bar and a bar that holds my imported bookmarks, and that’s about it.  There’s a thumbnail view of the top sites and a nifty thing to create shortcuts on the desktop of ‘your favorite web apps’.  This isn’t something I like, I don’t much care for clutter on the desktop, but it might be nice.  Overall, I’m not impressed, but I’m not depressed about it as far as functionality.  The test will be whether or not it takes off, and if I need to adjust html, css, and javascript to fit another browser.

While I was not refreshing the Google Chrome page, I was busy trying to get the presentation builder program to work.  It seems that once again, Microsoft has foiled my plans for programming domination.  We use a JAVA-based product to work with the presentation files, and have used the same product for about two years now.  Since Coldfusion interacts so well with JAVA it works very well, except now that MS has decided to go and change things up with Office 2007.  With the addition of the new letter on the file extension also comes a new way of reading and writing files, which messed up how the Jar file reads and writes files.  In the end, it’s causing a good number of headaches as I try to write my giant auto import system.  It will be really slick (and shiny) when it’s done, but at the moment, it’s a big headache.