Open Source

I recently needed to find out how to resize images that are being stored on the server using ColdFusion. My initial search didn’t show me any built-in existing ColdFusion tags that could do this, so I searched more. I was finding plenty of add-ons that could do this task, but they were all charging a fee for their product. A fellow worker had needed to do some image resizing before and gave me a link to a free open source version of image resizing code. Open source to the rescue again.

This image resizing add-on does everything I need. You can scale the image proportionally or by just either height or width, control the compression and quality, overlay a watermark, and so much more. It works with all the most common formats too. JPG, GIF, and PNG are all supported. The best part is that it’s all free.

Open source code is a very useful ally in the coding world. With open source code available out there, time that would have been spent coding my own image resizing add-on, can now be spent pushing the envelope in a different way.

Open source code is a great asset and idea in the programming world and allows the complexity and capability of future programs and applications to be that much better. Since we don’t need to waste time making stuff that has already been done, we can use that time making stuff that’s never been done. It saves money for people paying for the work as well. Less time spent on writing the code that open source has provided means less time to pay a programmer for. Everyone benefits. Well, except for those people who are trying to sell the code. They might go out of business.