Past Becomes Present

When I played my first year of tee ball, I played for the Cubs, but I had a Larry Bowa glove.  My second year, I played for the Cardinals (go figure, that was my college team too) and I still had my Larry Bowa glove.  I had that glove until one day I left it outside somewhere in junior high, and it got rained on.  When I put it on the heater to dry, the leather bubbled and cracked.  It was OK though, by that time I had to get a bigger glove to fit a softball anyway.  But I remember being in the Philadelphia area, the last time the Phillies did pretty well, you know, in 1980 (I don’t count 1983), with a team that had names like Mike Schmidt, Pete Rose, Manny Trillo, Greg Luzinski, Garry Maddox, Steve Carlton, and of course Larry Bowa.  They were the stuff of legend to a 6-year-old sports fan, and I am surprised I can still remember those names.  A few years later my family moved to the Milwaukee area, just in time to see legions of Brewers fans who loved Paul Molitor talking up their (loser) World Series team.  They also said I had a funny accent though, so they couldn’t be trusted. So today I’m back in the Philadelphia area (for a few years now) and the Phillies are back in the World Series. I’m no longer 6 and I stopped caring about pro baseball around the time I traded up my glove, but it’s pretty difficult to not get swept up in the excitement.

As exciting as it all is, there is still work to be done.  There are websites that need to be implemented and programming that needs to be accomplished.  With the recent smatterings of email problems and the usual co-worker help and question interruptions, my time has been taken away from the job that I need to be doing, which is working on a rush custom programming website.  This new site actually has quite a bit to do with sports and athletes, so at least I have some background in that.  Today’s task is to be implementing a user search and then tidying up some of the loose ends as far as new additions to the original plan.  That’s the fun part of custom programming, it tends to morph from day one.  Go Coldfusion!