Patience Grows Roses

Patience grow roses is one of my wife’s favorite expressions and was one of those pearls of wisdom passed down from her Grandmother, perhaps originating with her Grandmother’s Grandmother.

It is both profoundly wise and sadly wasted on me.

Patience is not my middle name, nor an apt character trait to identify when describing me nor an even remotely appropriate adjective to use when trying to describe me in the best light.

But DDA, and the work we do with and for hundreds of clients has taught me to at least simulate patience. This faux attempt to appear patient is the right thing to do if not totally genuine.

In example, there are programming, website and elearning portal development projects that were in the planning for ten months, in the development for eight months and in testing for 2 months. Yes, they turned out great and yes the clients, and DDA, are thrilled with and proud of the result, but did I learn patience…NO!

It is a move right now, do something already, mile-a-minute, interactive, digital, hyperlinked 24/7 world, and I love it.

While I love the expression “Patience Grows Roses” and I admire the truth and wisdom behind it, my favorite expression still is lead, follow or get out of the way!