The Flyers lost the Stanley Cup in a weird fashion last night. In overtime, the Blackhawks scored from an extreme angle, but no horn sounded and no light went on. We saw confused players, one player celebrating, and a dead silent crowd. The announcers didn’t seem to know what happened either, but you could tell that the Blackhawks knew they scored as they started to celebrate. Eventually, an instant replay showed that the goal was legitimate and the game was over. It was a horrible goal to lose on and I thought it was something that should clearly have been stopped by the goalie, but oh well. It happened and it’s over. The Philadelphia crowd was able to break into another “Let’s go Flyers” chant after it was over to show their appreciation and support for this team. I mean they did make history in the playoffs this season with their comeback in the Boston series.

I want to know what is in charge of setting off the horn and light when pucks go in the goal. Is it a person watching a special camera at all times, or is it some sort of mechanical device that can detect the puck? Either way, whatever it is, it isn’t perfect and made the last game end in a strange, eerie, and disheartening way that just dragged fans along with a glimmer of hope that it wasn’t a goal only to be told otherwise.

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