personality type

Last night my mom stopped by the house, she needed some DVDs copied for her bible camp this summer as a backup in case something happened to the originals. She lends out the DVDs to all of the camp leaders so they can learn the information and the songs and wanted to have a copy just in case. Anyway, as we sat there waiting for the copies to complete, we talked about many things, one of which was of another discussion she had with the ladies at work: the differences in how the brain works. I see it every day, usually it’s drawn down the lines of moms and everyone else, at least in this example, where some people, like my dad, can remember the strangest things (like all the lyrics to some random song heard once or twice many years ago) and my mom remembers the daily life tasks. My mom thinks that it has to do with how most mothers have to live in the here and now, to make sure their kids are taken care of and done with all the random things that kids need to do. I have a great deal of respect for most moms, especially the ones that work and still have to do the typical stay at home mom routine, it takes a lot of selflessness.

This got me thinking about the differences in my own brain in trying to get things accomplished in my job. My brain has to work differently from the designers or the video people, or even the writers. As programmers, we have to see things in logic, code and progression; it’s not something you can see, so you have to think in the abstract. The only thing you have is the end result, so in comparison, it would be like trying to design a website with your eyes closed. So our brains have to function in this way in order to do our daily jobs. For programmers in particular, we are constantly working in that logic space, much like if an accountant doing payroll if they had to do everything by hand. You know the percent of taxes to take out, but you have to make all the calculations by hand, over and over, all day, every day. You have to keep an incredible amount of facts straight, and keep to a set of logic, there’s not a lot of room for error, let alone room for remembering to take care of 50 other random things that have nothing to do with the thousands of things you have to remember in just this programming piece alone. When you’ve trained your mind to think in this way, and are in that place a good deal of the time, I find that it’s more than difficult to have to do something outside of that mindset. I am forced to, however, as my job unfortunately includes other things aside from programming and IT work. I have a blog to write, which is not as easy as it sounds to come up with something different every day, I have projects to watch over, things to respond to outside of current projects and junior programmers that sometimes need my help. The most difficult things are the ones where I have to become teacher, because honestly in my own mind it’s sometimes hard to describe what it is that I do or have done (programming), but when I have to tell someone else about a website, or what I do, that’s a nightmare. Some days I do it well, and some days I’m completely inept. I guess that since today we have to be on camera, I hope I’m on the capable side. But this is why there are so many people in the world, there are some minds made for programming, and there are some made for management; there are some made for quiet solo work and others made to be bright shining personalities on the stage.