Planning and Scheming

I haven’t written much code in the past few weeks.  A programmer who doesn’t program?  To most people, that might seem like something is off.  To me, it is a little strange, because most often I have a plan in my head and the code comes like writing a story.  But as our projects become more and more complex, more planning and designing need to be put down so that everyone is on the same page with what’s going on.  I know what I see in my head, but that doesn’t mean that what I explain, or have had explained to me, is what is supposed to be from the client’s perspective.   So the past few weeks I’ve been designing screens based on the data required for our latest project and then building database tables based on that information.  So far it seems quite a bit of planning has gone into the project, and I’m hoping that it will make the rest of it go much more quickly and smoothly.  The goal is to have everything included that our clients have envisioned.  By working through the planning stages, we can attempt to lessen the amount of things that pop up later that would throw a wrench into an otherwise well-oiled machine.

In an ever increasing world of buying cheap websites based on templates and existing projects that do not match your exact needs, we are starting to stand out at DDA.  The simple fact is that we want you to see how things will end up before we even get started, based on your input and needs.  We listen to the requirements and attempt to fulfill them to your standards.  Our goal is to create a website or web-based application program that will do everything that you want it to do.