Programmer: The Dreamer

A Web Application Developer’s (programmer) wildest dream is to engineer the perfect application that is compatible with the entire set of client browsers, where all the functionality works accordingly, no cookie problem, no SSL problem, and no JavaScript problem. The nightmare of cross-browser compatibility is what haunts an e-commerce web developer. The need for perfection is what a programmer often strives for when implementing his application, just like the composer strives for a perfect harmonious sound. A programmer strives for harmonious communication between each sub-component; a harmonious interconnection and relationship between each functions that bring a perfect application capable of interacting with user by responding correctly to each given input from the user. But often that’s not the reality, unforeseen problems will always surface, even the well engineered applications aren’t always perfect; that’s why they have different versions of the application being released, constant testing and debugging and the augmentation of new feature. In the subconscious mind of the dreamer he never really wishes for the dream to become reality but the dream is really the incentive for ensuring that a purpose exists and always looking forward for better and better solutions.