Programming through Slush

It is snowing outside today, quite heavily, though not yet sticking to the roads so we’re safe for now.  I don’t think it will stay that way all day, eventually the heft of it all will have to pile up.  In the meantime I’ve already accomplished task number one for the day, send off the latest flipbook and patient portal for one of our interactive medical websites.  This will free up some time to hopefully get back to finishing up the login and registration design flash buildout for one of our other clients.  There will of course be minor things to tweak still on the flipbooks, but the big chunk is done.  The majority of my time may be spent trying to figure out what’s going on with one of our servers.  It seems that things are moving a little too slowly, but the issue isn’t immediately apparent.  I know some tweaks can be made to two sites, one of which I programmed and one of which Reggie is working on and that may help, but only time will tell.