Programming Using IDE

An Integrated Development Environment (IDE) is an application tool with the capability of facilitating a computer programmer with the environment of writing high language programs in their syntactic form and their regimented semantics. An IDE usually composes of a source editor, a compiler or interpreter, and a debugger. Working as a web programmer at Dynamic Digital Advertising (DDA), the main tool I’ve used to write code is called Abode Dreamweaver CS3. Dreamweaver CS3 supports web technology frameworks such as CSS, JavaScript and also various server side script languages such as ColdFusion, PHP, and ASP. At Dynamic Digital Advertising, the facility of Dreamweaver CS3 I mostly use is the server side script language framework of ColdFusion, which makes writing ColdFusion templates very easy. The IDE catches syntactic errors very easily. One thing I found difficult with the IDE is the inability to debug script templates at the local computer. Which makes sense because only the server has the script compiler or debugger.