Project Parade

DDA has been racking up quite a bit of projects lately and what’s impressive is that I’m told that this is the “slow period” of the year. That’s a good sign for us and a good sign for the economy. It also seems that every project we are getting is medically related though, so maybe it’s just a good sign for us and the medical industry. Either way, the video studio here is busy with projects. Some of these projects will even be carrying us straight into April. It seems that every year we are making newer, cooler, more complex projects from graphic design all the way down to the custom programming. I can’t wait to see what some of these new projects will look like when they are finished. I wish I could fast forward through the work just to see. Four months feels like a long time to wait.

Most things that have been made can be found in our portfolio, but some of my favorites are things that haven’t really been done before. Flash animation using Papervision 3D has allowed us to make such things as the DDA Power Pyramid, a virtual trade show, and a web page that actually folds itself into a boxand back into a usable page again. They are all really cool looking and are interactive on a three-dimensional level. Some of my favorite videography projects are the DDA in 60 Seconds commercial of course, a pet insurance commercial, and the Meet DDA videos(haha).

There is a lot more impressive stuff in our portfolios, though a lot of it is behind the scenes programming work and just solid professional work like digital photography and original graphic designs. To really see everything we do you’ll have to peruse our website or come to the building itself and take a tour.