Projected surreality

There comes a point in time in every project when all the i’s have been dotted and t’s crossed, or at least it appears to be so.  At this point the project seems to be in some sort of strange limbo until it is being frequently used.  It’s not until real people get their hands on the system that the true success can be measured.  That point in time is where I am the most nervous.  Usually a few weeks into being ‘live’ and going through the rigors of actual usage, I’ve forgotten about the project or there have been a few minor tweaks to the programming that needed to be done.  Prior to launch, I have my checklist of programming feature additions.  In the middle, I have nothing except time to wait for the next step.  It is a very funny time.  The weight of the project still hasn’t quite lifted off my shoulders; I still go home and think about the logic or the programming, or worry that I’ve missed something crucial (I think it’s just my paranoia that I’m always forgetting something).  So today, though we plan to go officially live, I’m in that strange surreal step, not believing that the project is ‘over’ yet, not wanting to start something completely new because it’s not really over.

With Mondays come new responsibilities.  There are no shortages of things that I have to do.  Tyler has been working on getting the new server set up, but I haven’t had a time to look it over and get anything tested, and we have to get two sites on it today, if possible.  There are projects that need to be started (and probably completed) within a very short time frame, and quotations that need to be run through for new projects.  So now that all the weekend email has been downloaded (it only took a half hour since I started up the computer), it is time to start the last full week before the New Year.