Pulling hairs

So this morning, not unlike every other morning, I set upon the tedious task of getting my computer ready for the day.  I opened the seemingly endless files for the various tasks that need to be sent out or looked  over.  So the last thing I do is open up iTunes so I can listen to some tunes off my iPod while I work.  So today, all my songs are greyed out.  I eject and start again.  No go.  So then I think that maybe the songs have gone and unauthorized themselves, so I play a purchased song through the headphones, well, that’s OK, at least it’s not THAT again.  So what’s the deal?  There’s an update?  Oh, OK.  Download update.  Computer slows to a crawl.  Not wanting to deal with not being able to do anything and getting frustrated, I went for a bagel.  By the time I’d gotten back, the frustration could end, and I could work again, I went to play the tunes, still, I can’t.  The update still needs to be downloaded, apparently it threw an error.  Download again.  Computer slows to a crawl, operating at 99% CPU.  BAH!  So now I’ve wasted all this time this morning and I still don’t have music.  I don’t like Apple again.  No download should throw my computer into a useless tailspin for 20 minutes while it’s slowly downloading some crappy update.  This is just stupid.