Putting an end to clutter because it’s already on the Internet

My husband and I cancelled our newspaper subscription about 6 months ago. I was finding unread newspapers all over the house and they just added to the clutter. Nobody was reading it and they kept coming and coming and finally we ended the madness. This last week our neighbors were on vacation for a few weeks and asked us to pick up their newspaper for them. No problem. We even thought we would read it. Turns out, we still have no interest in reading the newspaper. It’s not because we are hermits and don’t have an interest in finding out what is happening in the world; turns out we are addicted to the Internet. And, in my profession as senior graphic designer at DDA, it’s sort of something I need to be addicted to. I can get all the news I need by logging on to my favorite news site or googling whatever I need to know. My mom and sitter already send me diaper coupons so paying almost $100/year to receive weekly diaper coupons seems ridiculous to me. Blurry-eyed this early morning, I found my desk, booted up my computer and before I began work on any number of ongoing medical CME websites or website design and development projects for healthcare professionals, medical device manufacturers or pharmaceutical companies, I check out what’s been happening around the world and in my neighborhood.