Quality Production / Quantity Consumption

Recently, I went on a tour/tasting excursion to the Philadelphia Brewing Co. I enjoy wine tasting very much so I figured beer tasting would please my palate as well. Plus, I love learning how things are made and what someone does to make whatever it is their own. From the draught seasonal “Kilty Pleasure Scotch Ale” to the “Joe Coffee Porter”, each delivered a unique full flavor. The atmosphere was informal and relaxed and the tour guide beamed with pride for the beer they brew. On the tour, you learned how William Penn was a bit of a pioneer in American beer-making, starting with a brew-house he constructed on his estate in Pennsbury, Bucks County. Before too long, private breweries popped up all over the greater Philadelphia area, providing freshly brewed beer to the locals. When commercialism and off-shore development took a firm hold, slowly but surely these small breweries were shut down. Today, the Philadelphia Brewing Co., and others like it, are ushering in a return of the private brewery and abiding by a notion of “quality beer production and quantity beer consumption” and the return is welcomed with open arms for patrons all over the city.

In many industries, I’d love to see a return to “quality.” At our advertising agency, “quality” has been a mainstay. Regardless of the project – whether it is a live streaming continuing medical education webcast or a corporate brochure design with creative copywriting – every department goes to great lengths to produce the highest quality work possible and then tests/proofs for quality assurance purposes so that everything functions properly and is presented professionally. We’ve streamlined our processes (and continually refine them) so that, like the Philadelphia Brewing Co., we create end products that exceed expectations. Additionally, all of our work is done by in-house professionals and we are proud to say that our advertising is Made in America!