Quick as a Flash

I was participating in a tried and true Christmas viewing tradition (one of many I might add; a Christmas cannot be had without watching at least one version of A Christmas Carol, Winter Vacation, A Christmas Story, at least one stop motion animation — Rudolph being preferred — the animated Grinch, and Elf… oh the list goes on, it’s a wonder I can get anything accomplished each Christmas) by watching the George C Scott version of “A Christmas Carol.”  I can’t dare to say which television version is my favorite, there are many, though I did really like the live version I saw in Milwaukee as a kid.  In this particular version of the story, when Scrooge visits Fred during the party, they play a game of “similes.”  In that game, the leading “fill in the blank” was “quick as.”  The answer was “a wink” in the story but it could also be Flash, especially on a day like today.

Today I’m learning Flash quick as a wink.  Granted, I’m not having to learn the animation stuff, that’s still beyond me.  I didn’t go to school to work with graphics, in fact, I only had one job where I did any sort of work with Flash (and it’s sort of predecessor Director) so my knowledge is limited at this point. I have had the time to learn a little bit about ActionScript through going through some tutorials prior to my latest at-work stint in Flash, but it was barely scratching the surface of what I could do.  Like all knowledge I gain, it’s usually just in the form of “need to know.”  I need to create some piece of work for a project, find out as much information as I can and work with it until it suits my needs.  In the current case, I’m merely working with data, which isn’t too far from my realm of expertise, it’s just a matter of finding the tools I need to make it work, and then getting it working.  Not unlike my house projects at home, I spend a great deal of time researching (often to my partner’s dismay) and then I begin working when I feel I have enough information to do so.  When one has limited time but unlimited resources, the pressure isn’t on getting it right, it’s on getting it done, so as long as I don’t struggle too much with time, this project can only turn out well.

So the next time you want a great deal of data pushed around but need a flashy interface in your interactive eLearning or medical website, you can be confident that with all the skill sets we have, we can make something extraordinary.