Quickly Adapting to be iPad-ready and iPhone-ready

Our latest division, AppleSavvy is geared to those that might have sites that don’t perform well on an iPad or iPhone. With these Apple products quickly gaining popularity and prominence in the market, it’s important that sites are friendly with these devices. This rings true especially for sites that are heavy with Flash as Apple has sadly dropped its support on the iPad and iPhone. Apple has turned its developer support towards more “open source” technologies such as the emerging html5, and the Internet building staples like javascript and css. While these technologies can perform some of the capabilities of Flash, they are still limiting. For anything that might need to be high-motion, or media-rich, more complex coding may be necessary such as Objective-C which is used to build Apple’s Apps. There’s a lot of buzz going around this big change and there’s bound to be more curve balls and plot twists ahead but DDA and AppleSavvy are sure to offer the best services available to make your interactive websites, corporate videos, medical videos, or medical simulations iPhone-ready and iPad-ready.