Today is Tuesday. But as we ease into re-entry into the work week after a nice long Labor day weekend, we realize that today is really just Monday in disguise. This was noticeable early this morning as more than one of us had  a little trouble discerning what day of the week it actually was. But as the fog lifts from our brains (that may still be thinking that they are still on a picture-perfect extended Labor Day weekend), we find ourselves busily back at our desks, taking care of business.

Today’s business for me involves teaks and twists,  links and lists, additions and adjustments. DDA’s Universal Portfolio, created especially for everything mobile and serving all browsing platforms including iphone® and ipad®, has paused at the 850 mark to go live for everyone’s viewing pleasure. Yes, that’s 850 examples of the creative productions that DDA has brought into the world over the past 16 years, including 3d medical animations, medical education videos, corporate videos, digital product photography, custom programming, interactive games, brochure copywriting, medical content writing, graphic design for web and print, custom medical illustrations, healthcare elearning, and virtual medical simulations.

But the number 850 is just a pausing point. We will continuously add more and more as we create more and more, causing the Portfolio to expand exponentially. That’s the forward-thinking, non-stop process that is “business as usual” here at DDA.