Reaching Milestones

I still get excited and happy when a portion of a project is finished. Milestone completion is always a relief and a time to celebrate. Tomorrow I will celebrate my bathroom remodel by taking a shower finally. At work, I am very close to actually having an entire project complete, which is more than just a ‘this part is done’ milestone, it’s huge. It keeps me going when other projects are still staring at me teasing that I have not yet completed them.

My largest project at the moment is combining all of our custom programming projects from the last few years. It is no small task. Getting all of the bits and pieces together with some sort of order isn’t easy. I need to follow my devised conventions sheet so that the new pieces we add will be coded the same as the core. Each existing project has a completely different coding style, evidence of my changing knowledge and the ColdFusion programming server version. Retrofitting the application is probably taking longer than starting from scratch.