Reason #2

I was out yesterday battling the foe of the bathroom renovation project. It’s a long battle, as we all now know, but it is nearing its end. Paint, trim and finishing touches remain… the easy stuff.

In the world at large, we hire professionals to do work for us when we do not have the time or expertise to do it ourselves. People come to DDA for custom programming when they can’t find a program online to do it for them. We are reasonably priced and we deliver good products in a desirable time frame. This works just like your average plumber and electrician. Luckily for me, I have my dad, who was trained to do all sorts of fix it things, to give me the expert advice to get my jobs done. This weekend was no different. Now I said before, you need the expertise and the time. I had the expertise (running wires is the same if you’re running cat-5 or NM-B wire) but because I took the day off yesterday, I didn’t quite have the time. Now, I could have paid an electrician to come pull out the knob and tube wiring that was running 2 GFI outlets and a light off a light switch, but, I chose DIY instead. It’s all done, from the ground up, but it set me back some time again on the project.

Again, it reminded me of work. Not only when we moved in and we were trying to figure out what cat-5 cabling went where, but it reminded me of several projects we had taken over. When we get an old website, sometimes there are programming pieces that can remain, and some that need to be replaced, either for security or to work on our server. Sometimes we have to completely start over, like running a completely new circuit, taking hours to do. Other times we can swap out the switch for something shiny and new, in less than an hour’s time. In the end, our clients expect a better system than they had when we started, and we deliver.