Recipe cards

On the Fridays that everyone will be home for dinner, I really enjoy cooking.  Usually I stick with the basics — tacos, grilled meat, and some veggie sides — but now that the weather is turning colder, I get back to what I enjoy the most, soup.  Unlike most people I know, I don’t really enjoy eating, so soup is perfect. It’s food you can drink.  My two favorite recipes are my potato and leek soup and a cabbage soup.  They’re nothing fancy really, just good for you foods.  Everything I make is pretty healthy though, so I’m sure most people would be missing their fats and salt.  Today I found an awesome cookbook, but it’s got nothing to do with food, it’s for Coldfusion.

Adobe seems to be pushing a lot of great stuff at us lately.  They’ve updated Coldfusion, soon to be releasing a new CF Builder that is said to work a lot like Eclipse.  Although we just upgraded to CF 8 and I prefer the bulky Dreamweaver due to the fact that most of what I have to work with involves a great deal of graphical design, I won’t really need to care about the fancy new stuff that’s out.  What I do care about though is the new Adobe Cookbooks.  Specifically for me, I have already perused the recipes contained in the Coldfusion Cookbooks and there are some simple gems there.  I love the idea of having a small code repository.  It’s something simple and easy enough to use (though I won’t guess how it will turn out once a lot of code gets put on there).  The only problem I see right now is the issue that each recipe can be tagged in far too many topics, all of which are actually the same.  But since it just launched, we’ll see how it winds up going.