The press is all abuzz about it. Even the mainstream media is aghast. ABC broke the story. The eighteen million dollar website had many inaccuracies including, but not limited to the siting of jobs created in congressional districts, some of which, do not exist. Apparently, the website developers and project managers chose to accept the responses of the recovery award recipients without any verification process at all. Consequently, the dicing and slicing of the data, which was presented in neat little modules complete with graphs and charts was pretty to look at but not very accurate and in no way verifiable.

All of that is disturbing to Americans on all sides of the political spectrum, but i have two concerns that are distinct and important, from my point-of-view as a small business owner.

First, even if the numbers are accepted at face value, the Government has spent about $200,000. for each job created while doing little to nothing to help small businesses whom are the true job generator. As any small business owner what he/she would need to create a new permanent job and the number will be far less than $200,000.  Provide the necessary tax credit and small businesses will start marketing, growing, adding new products and services and HIRING!

Second, how the hell did they spend eighteen million dollars on a website, much less one that was built by one firm in a few months. Did they have a thousand people working on it simultaneously? Never mind the controversy they created, it is just not possible to have that many people working on one website project.

Oh, and did I mention that the company that built is owned by the son of David Axelrod, one of Obama’s closest advisers.