A Programmer Task List

A Programmer’s task at Dynamic Digital Advertising encompasses more than just programming; many tasks could include merging databases, FTP file transfers, and re-categorizing relational products. There is a level of redundancy in programming, I often find myself reprogramming the same functionality and removing the same functionality. As you know, removing a piece of block from a well constructed pyramid will have a cascading effect. So, most of the time I must go through the entire application’s code to remove any instability due to the result of removing or adding more functionality to an application. Sometimes the task might be to move an entire site to a brand new server system and ensuring the server has the right programs to enable all the functionality the application is programmed to perform. Many of these tasks are time consuming, especially migrating databases, which must sustain data integrity and consistency.

Programming at Dynamic Digital Advertising exposes a programmer to many aspect of the technology through experience.