An Anecdote of the Database Programming

I am compelled to explain one of the tasks a programmer at Dynamic Digital Advertising (DDA) performs in the development cycle of a web application – the programming aspect of the database. The design and programming process of the database is very involved in the development cycle of any application. One needs the essential skills to fully engineer a robust and scalable database that can support an entire enterprise. A relational database is often one of the methods utilized to organize the collection of data, among others such as Object-Oriented Databases, which has its own fundamental principle in which it is associated with. Relational Database, the schematic conformity of entities (tables in a database) to a relational model is the underlying principle of achieving the demanding inquiry by a web application. The ability to join tables and retrieve information base on a commonality between the data itself makes it possible to give end-users a full access to any available information in the system at hand.

My motive is to give an abstract anecdote in the faculty of understanding what is involved in the programmer’s mind when approaching to develop an application and this is just one aspect of the task. I hope I was successful in my attempt to inform my audience.

Relational Database