Computer and the evolution of mankind

Analyzing problems and finding redundancy and pattern within a problem set is often the approach for the programmer. Breaking down problems into sub-problems for easy solution and then integrating each solution into the larger problem to get closer to the solution. Many of these methodologies are being used within the scientific world, such as the bio-medical field and the study of bio-informatics, which is a branch of science that merges technological applications and theory to further explore biological processes. The merger for the knowledge in the field of computer science and biology, chemistry and physics is great potency in order to explore every aspect this new study. My exposure to the bio-informatics field further invigorates my fascination, the exploration of Genetic information through computer programming of a single bacteria Genome, by finding possible gene through empirical conditions parameters and observations. Much web application, such as the ncbi, has a tremendous amount of information and toola to blast genetic sequences.

Computer continues to be part of the evolution of mankind.