Computer Language: ColdFusion

The software development framework for server application, ColdFusion is the primary language I use at Dynamic Digital Advertising (DDA) to develop dynamic web applications. ColdFusion is a very powerful server side web application language which was developed in JAVA EE application and can utilize many Java Libraries and JSP functions. ColdFusion has a handful of utilities and functionality to explore in implementing algorithms, which makes developing web applications easier. It takes a lot of research and experimenting to explore all enriches property the language has to offer. ColdFusion is a Tag-Based language, making the transition between Hyper Text Markup Language (HTML) easy to render. ColdFusion has many advanced utilities, such as ColdFusion Components (CFC), which brings the Object Oriented Programming Methodology to the language. Also, ColdFusion is continuing to evolve with the new added feature, Thread, which is a powerful utility in developing advanced applications.

ColdFusion is similar to many languages I have learned in my career, except for some concept and syntactic deviation. But as I learn more about the programming field, one must adapt quickly to changes and maintain a curious mind and be open to anything the world throws at you.