Data Structure

The study of Computer Data Structure exposes the student to how the computer stores and retrieves information. C++ was the primary programming language that I used in the study of Data Structure, such as Queue, Stacks, Structure, Link-Queue, Trees, among other data structures. The study of computer Data Structure was also introduced in the study of algorithm. The efficiency of an algorithm was dependent on the type of data structure was used in order to manipulate data optimally. Efficiency, in data retrieval was measured in terms of speed. A link list that had to store data and develop an algorithm to retrieve data was measured by how many steps it took to accomplish such task. Of course the level of complexity of such algorithm would be measured in Big Notation. If the algorithm uses a recursive methodology in such a situation where we have tree of data to traverse through, the depth of hierarchy of tree would be considered. But then again, how else would we retrieve data from each branch of the tree if not by traversing each nodes of the tree? Also, the study of Data Structure exposes me to the study of Graphs Theory, which is a study in mathematics, such questions as what is the shortest path ways to travel to get From 1 to 5, where a set of rules must be followed. Of course, such problems introduce order data structures such as matrix and vectors.

From a high level language such as C++ among other, the study of Data structure further inclines one’s understanding of the internal memory of computer, although, the computer only represent memory in binary sequences of data.