Object Oriented Programming in ColdFusion

I am fairly new to developing e-commerce web based applications in ColdFusion, which is a high-level server side computer programming language. A programming language, usually a high-level language such as C++, Java, BASIC, PASCAL, etc., is a vocabulary and set of grammatical rules for instructing a computer to perform a specific task. Programming languages are not expressive like human languages (meaning redundant) as they are really restrictive in their semantics and syntactic elements. Many methodologies and principles have been utilized in the computer science field and one of principles I am going to talk about is Object Oriented Programming in ColdFusion (OOP). Object Oriented Programming (OOP) is a way of approaching a problem by first dividing each component of the problem into an object. An object is an entity that has many proper ties and is conformed to real physical laws and principles. To fully comprehend Object Oriented Principle one must see it through a programmer’s eyes where in his or her world he or she might see an animal, for example, as an object with the following properties: arms, legs, feet, head, and body. Each component would then be divided into different objects, for example, feet would have the following properties of legs, knee, and toes and arms would further be divided into elbows, forearms, fingers, etc. This way of looking at each problem allows the programmer to construct any type of animal because they all share the some component, hence inducing re-usability, readability, maintainability and flexibility. Approaching the problems this way also allows many other principles to an object inheritability, polymorphism and data encapsulation.

Object Oriented Programming to develop web applications is an advance methodology that insures reliability and quality that meets client’s specification.