Programming and Debugging

As I acquired more experience in the field of web application development I found my task to be more absorbed by the debugging process of the development framework. All projects involving programming have a considerable amount of energy and time dedicated to the debugging phase of the application. The debugging phase is really the testing phase, where all possible user inputs are carefully examined against the application specification. The result from the debugging phase of the development cycle will help to understand the strengths and weaknesses of an application. Depending on how vulnerable an application becomes due to different possible user inputs, the programmer may have to go back to the drawing board and rewrite better algorithm for different subroutines. Before tackling a problem in the computer realm, a programmer must try to examine all possible user inputs and their interaction with the application. Developing E-Commerce Web Application is very consuming, in terms of the user, because of the diverse groups of users that the application is designed and engineered to target. The programmer must try to assimilate how each and every person perceives the purpose of the application, their interaction with the application, and all clients who interact with the application to program a subroutine that deals with each possible outcome.

Programming involves the understanding of the client, who uses the application.