Programming Computer Algorithm

Many algorithms I have studied in my undergraduate years have helped me to confront every problem by understanding its nature. To a web development programmer, that means every problem is carefully analyzed before making an attempt to solve it. Many problems I have encountered somehow have a sort of domino effect on the entire application, meaning that if more variables are introduced to the equation the programmer must try to compensate for all sub-components of the system to yield at the desired outcome. The programmer must maintain stability with each new variable added to the application development phase. So, the algorithm is always in a state of constant changes to fix each foreseeable outcome. Of course the performance of an algorithm must be analyzed, for optimal solution. The algorithm analysis has an abstract specification to determine a quantitative requirement, recursive or iteration algorithm has a time requirement of completion of O(n^2), using Big O notation. An algorithm is the step-by-step instruction for constructing a program or application in computer science. There has been considerable research in that field of computer science alone. As a programmer developing an optimal algorithm, it depends on the complexity of the problem at hand. A problem that is not carefully analyzed makes the implementation of the algorithm fuzzy.