The Challenge of Database Migration

Migrating data from two different and incompatible databases is a hard task. The difficulty and challenge lies in the understanding of the two databases and the data relation itself. Now given is a non-normalized and un-relationship database and the challenge is migrating these data to a normalized and relational database. How does a programmer go on solving this problem? Many problems can be approached in many ways. First, the underlying understanding of data should be considered so one can understand the data from the non-normalized and un-relational database. Second, try to find commonality in the data at hand try to propagate the right data to the right database in the relational database. This problem is feasible given an amount of time and understanding of both systems. A programmer is always faced with a challenging problem on a daily basis. The complexity of the problem is symmetrical to the length of time it takes to be solved. Just like Allen Turing’s definition of the computer, given sufficient time and memory the computer can solve any feasible problem.