Web Programming

ColdFusion has all the built-in protocols and tools for the deployment of Dynamic Web Development Applications. The specification of the language embodies all the properties of a web application that need to be manageable. The performance of the ColdFusion Technology is optimal for the development of any small departmental applications or to a rich and highly scalable application. ColdFusion Markup Language (CFML), made it possible for a programmer to write Dynamic Application in ColdFusion and render the code into Hypertext Markup Languages (HTML), in which any computer can execute the HTML code through the Internet browser. The major issue with web programming is browser compatibility issue. Although there is a standardized HTML syntax and JavaScript language, some browsers do support component of these languages. The issue with the programmer is always try to find if a browser supports JavaScript language and if not, have the application solely depend on HTML code. Sometimes the issue could be cascading style Sheet (CSS) where the browser may not support certain syntaxes. The programmer most likely spent most of the time trying to find a common set of instruction or code syntax between all the browsers that currently exist.