Had a great meeting with long time clients today. They are a huge company with billions in dollars of sales each year and a very, very low public profile. Despite us having designed two quite elegant websites for two of their product divisions, their main core website has to date, been done in house.  And, might I say, it looks like it.

The task at hand is to redevelop and redesign and redeploy their core website to better present and represent their organization.

When asked to state the number one descriptor for what we are suggesting doing, I replied , to make your website relevant. That was the perfect answer. Relevance, in this ever more quickly changing world is what an online organization of any type most needs.

Relevancy awards traffic and interest. Relevancy assures continuation. Relevancy makes any entity more viable, more vibrant and more notable.

Of course the relevancy must be authentic and valid and within a marketable context. It is  a positive force that we all need to adopt and adapt and assume, every chance we can.

Whether the business model, medical organization or institution is relevant, will determine whether it is here a decade from now.

Be relevant or be relegated to the trash bin of history.