Resources Exceeded

I sometimes have a problem underestimating my resources.  Over this long weekend, it wasn’t me underestimating them, it was me trying to understand why they weren’t there.  Last week to use up the final days of my vacation time, I took half of the week off.  It wound up being two half days and one full day, but it was still time off.  Thinking that my work was slow, it seemed to be the perfect time to have a little holiday R & R.  After Tuesday picking up Luke from his camp and then heading to an early evening showing of Avatar (which was absolutely fantastic) the rest of the weekend was spent with family.  On Wednesday morning however, I did have to answer some emails from my kitchen, while dressed in PJs.  Not only did I have some things to do when I got in today, but I found a very interesting problem that seems like it shouldn’t ever actually happen.

In one of our eLearning/Medical IT projects, we have an Excel based upload system.  Our client can FTP files up that have a corresponding entry in an Excel document, and the Excel file gets uploaded and read into the database.  What happens is the file is uploaded to an accessible folder with the location stored in a variable.  Then we create a jdbc connection to the file and read it in as a query variable.  From here we are able to loop through that query and update the mySQL database in turn.  The issue is that even though this has been working for some time, suddenly we are getting a new error: [Microsoft][ODBC Excel Driver] System resource exceeded.

All research into this issue seems to come back with something that seems simple “you’re not closing your recordset”.  Unfortunately though, this isn’t the case, it’s being closed.  So, for several hours on my day off, I looked into it, with no real answers found.  Perhaps today in a fresh year with a refreshed mind, the answer will be found.