right hand – meet left hand

Recent dealings with a new company brought to light the lack of coordination between departments, as several people would call at the same time for the same person while that person was on a conference call with the same company. Now, it is not unusual for things to unknowingly cross paths at times, especially when dealing with multiple departments for multiple reasons. But the lack of coordination did not bode well for certain aspects of that company.  Here at DDA, we have multi-faceted Project Coordinators who are in charge of making everything run as smooth as silk. They know all, see all, and coordinate all, combining 3d medical animations, medical training videos, medical copywriting services, interactive games, graphic design, medical Illustrations, virtual medical simulations and healthcare elearning into a meticulously constructed medical website design. And with DDA’s new division AppleSavvy™, they will also make sure that all of your video and animations will be fully capable on your ipod® or ipad®.  DDA’s right and left hands always work in perfect coordination and cooperation with our expert project coordinators conducting the score.