Robot Hands

I was watching Star Wars on TV the other day (The Empire Strikes Back, to be exact,) and the scene came on at the end when Luke gets his new cybernetic hand after Darth Vader chopped the old one off. I found myself thinking about what the medical technology in the Star Wars universe must be like, and when we’ll be so far advanced that we can attach working cybernetic limbs to patients that will function within mere days of the surgery.

I’m sure that in 1979, there were some people that thought that that kind of medical technology would almost certainly become a reality by 2010. And while we’re not quite there yet, DDA Medical pushes the boundaries of what can be done with technology, healthcare, and the medical profession every day. We create interactive web-based medical tools that assist medical professionals to organize data and advance their studies. We can also provide online training and certification tools for doctors-in-training. With advanced web-integrated medical training tools, CD-ROMs designed for use by medical instructors and doctors, and some of the best medical IT in the Pennsylvania tri-state area, DDA Medical wants to make the technological side of the healthcare industry easier. That way, doctors can focus on the stuff that matters; like creating those cybernetic hands!