Rooting For The Red, White & Blue

I am a great believer in MADE IN AMERICA. So with the holidays upon us, I went looking for cards created and/or printed in the USA. They are not so easy to come by, but they are available. I have also noticed that catalogs now indicate when their products bear a USA MADE label or seal.

With the economy so rocky, wouldn’t it be smart for all of us to make an effort to buy a few things this year made by our local crafts people or by American manufacturers? If we all tried, it would help every small business struggling to stay afloat. Believe in our country, and look for ways to support services and products utilizing American workers.

AT DDA, we bear witness to this philosophy, always have. Nothing we do is sent off- shore. Our professional writers work in our studios as do our programmers. Our SEO specialists are in the front office. Our video crews are based here as well. Our graphic designers are American, nothing, not even easy photoshop work is sent elsewhere. Support for administrative and production work is all done in house too. We may not always get a project if all a client is looking for is low ball prices, but clients who trust our expertise are rewarded with sophisticated original advertising and Maketing that showcases their company in the best possible light.

And these clients have the added satisfaction of knowing they are supporting a true blue American advertising and marketing agency. It is a positive way to help stem the uncertainty as we prepare for 2010 with hope.