Savings my foot

This weekend was the dreaded daylight savings time start.  So we’re all one hour ahead of ourselves.  Sometime, someone decided that it made sense to change our clocks around in the spring and back in the fall because it would make us all more efficient.  There would be less need for lights at night, we’d have more daylight to spend time outside to accomplish whatever task we wanted — the list goes on.  Unfortunately there is actually more energy use going on (see study from Indiana), kids are still going to school in the dark, and there are days like yesterday when I completely misjudged what time it was and wound up spending too little time on the shutter installation and not enough cooking dinner.   At this point it just messes with people’s internal clocks, especially people like me who normally don’t sleep well.  First I couldn’t fall asleep, then I woke up at what my body thought was my normal 3:30 AM wake up time, which normally just requires a trip to the bathroom and a glass of water.  Today, it was at 4:30 AM and seemed like a good time to get up and just stay up.  Well, that is proving to be a poor choice because right now I’m exhausted.  So for this week, my efficiency will certainly not come easily.

As a programmer in a small company, my job isn’t always just being able to be a programmer.  I do tech support (and server maintenance), both in house and out, I get to flesh out quotes and be a general resource for our business development and somehow figure out how to be innovative without causing too much time to be lost on the research and development of it all.  So unlike daylight savings time, I have to work smarter to be able to handle whatever tasks get thrown my way.  I do get grumpy and stubborn, but that’s usually just the initial reaction to someone changing what I need to be my routine (what keeps me efficient).  This is why over the years I’ve worked at DDA, we’ve been gradually shaping our way of producing our custom programming.  We went from some loose descriptions and a general thought of programming in my head to drawing up detailed plans for our clients to see what happens in every step, so the changes can be made before programming, rather than after, keeping it as efficient as is possible.  Of course things still always change, but now our clients can see what they’re getting before they get it and can tell us if something does or doesn’t work.  Now I know prototyping has been around for as long as anything has been built (I’d have loved to see the prototype for the pyramids, how cute would that be?), so it’s not like we reinvented the wheel. But we continue to evolve as a company, growing in what we can do and making the end product even better than before.