Major Security Flaw? Not So Much.

Today is Wednesday, which means again I missed a Tuesday post.  It didn’t help that I got into work an hour and a half late.  But once I arrived, the big news was the latest IE 7 security flaw that seems to have dominated the mainstream media.  Of course to anyone in the tech world it’s only a minor issue, or a thing to be amused by, being that it’s a vulnerability that’s been around for many incarnations of the browser.  This of course has resulted in tons of websites being hacked to exploit this issue, what is generally being called as a zero day exploit.  This means that the exploit is already out there on the web, or ‘in the wild’, prior to the patch.  Generally speaking, these types of exploits are the most vicious, the exploit is known, the problem is known, but there’s nothing that you as a general user can do about it at the time.  It’s one thing to have a program that has a patch already created and the owner of the computer is too lazy or not knowledgable enough to have it updated, but it’s another sneaky thing entirely to exploit something that the average user doesn’t even know exists.  This is of course why the mainstream media are making such a big deal about it.  Of course, do they really know that most of the websites that provide the malicious code are not mainstream websites, sites that will probably be advertising for something below moral highground, if you get my point.  If you have decent Internet traffic sniffing software installed, or products like the widely loved AVG which will mark websites in your Google searches as being OK to visit, this exploit will not affect you anyway.

So, after coming in to work hearing that and just waiting for the reaction from everyone, there was none that I noticed.  I’m half feeling like the whole Y2K scare just leads people to never believe any warnings that the tech community gives out, whether founded or not.  In any case, things have been going smoothly and it appears that there is a patch now available (in some places) for IE, so there will be a download available when we all get in in the morning.  So, without having to do anything for once, problem solved.