Showcase Project

I am working on developing a show case application with a full fledge search and navigation functionality. The show case will have many ways to navigate and display product information to the user. One way is the use of click-through categories/subcategories to find the related list of products. I am working the database design and implementation phase using relational database techniques such as one-to-one, one-to-many and many-to-many relationship between each entity in the database. Since product showcasing is the pivotal goal in essence for the development, the database design much be flexible enough to adapt new augmentation given that a product can have as many or less attributes associating with it especially jewelries. Once the database designed and implementation is completed, administrative and login application will need to be implemented. The back-end administrative functionality is very detailed; where each database entity will be have a set of components with methods and property design especially to manipulate that entity.

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